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Consulting Services to export to China

The Consulting Services to export offers a varied portfolio with options for the customer, and are a great help for those companies that wish to obtain the necessaries conditions to export their products.

Our proposals that will let the customer successfully achieve their exports are divided in three stages:

Diagnostic and Viability Study of the Project

1. Analysis of the situation

  • Product exported.
  • Utilities / benefits provided by the product.
  • Personnel for exportation.
  • Resources.
  • Industry structure, competition and demand.

2. Marketing Items

  • Identification, evaluation and selection of markets.
  • Selection of the product, and price calculation.
  • Distribution methods.
  • Terms and conditions of sale.
  • Internal organization and procedures.
  • Sales targets, forecasts profit / loss.

3. Information on targeted countries and their market

  • General data.
  • A policy framework.
  • Economic structure.
  • General country information.
  • Trade statistics.
  • Legal and technical aspects.
  • Bilateral relations with the exporting country.
  • Market opportunities.
  • Defining strategies for the market.
  • Assessment of needs in the market, partners, post-sales services.
  • Country fairs.
  • Tips, News and Information.

Development of the export plan

1. Budget for export

  • Provisional balance.
  • Financial availability.
  • Forecasts / cash flow.

Implementing the export plan

  • Translation of catalogs, specifications, etc.
  • Making contact with potential customers.
  • Making contact with international organizations, chamber of commerce, business offices, fairs, etc.
  • Participation in international fairs and business trips.
  • Saving contacts made.
  • Preparation of agreements.
  • Support on logistics.
  • Periodic review of the actions taken (Benchmarking VS Project).