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AC Interconsulting is an international company that offers consulting and supportive services to the areas of logistics and projects of enterprises, Multinational, medium and SMEs.

We recognize that each client has individual needs, and our goal is to provide an efficient and cost effective service customized to each customer’s specific requirement. Our goal is to develop an enduring partnership with our customers, with an approach on protecting their investments and maximize their returns from their activities across China and Hong Kong.

We help companies that do business in China with its expansion plans, new business development, partnership and operations, as licensing, new market development and purchase of equipment or materials.

Our international offices speak English, Spanish, Portuguese, and Chinese.
We have intercultural experience in the development of businesses from Asia, Usa to Latin America, which facilitate businesses and consolidations to our customers. We have many customer in Europe, Central and South America that improved our performance.

We have an wide network of air and sea carriers.